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Designed to secure and protect banknotes together for easier management and sorting, cash strapping machines use heat binding to connect pieces of tape together and bundle a number of banknotes. And when used in conjunction with pre-printed tape, it helps users identify and safely move the banknotes.

Julong offers a range of reliable and efficient cash strapping and binding machines that utilize our patented instant heat technology and eco-friendly POE binding material. Easy to use and with fully-customizable features, our machines handle up to 1000 banknotes per bind, and are supported with responsive technical support. Contact us today to get a free quote.

Featured Banknote Strapping Machines

Our well-crafted machines are suitable for handling cash of any capacity.

Features on Our Cash Strapping Machines, Benefits on You.

We combine production ingenuity and customer experience for reliable cash strapping machines.

Quality In-House Manufacturing

Manufacturing of our cash strapping equipment is done within our world-class facility, handled by some of the best R&D and design specialists in the industry. Developing and building our machines in-house guarantees that our high production standards are consistently met and that our clients get the best machines.

Quality In-House Manufacturing

On-Time Tech Support

Julong understands the need for quick and reliable technical assistance. In addition to fast remote technical support, we have various overseas sites in Germany, South Africa, India, and Saudi Arabia, on-site support for training, consulting, and repair is available as soon as needed.

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