Cash Processing Solutions

Cash Center Solution

By automating cash sorting and strapping, our efficient solution can increase the efficiency and speed of commercial banks’ cash processing. Our system can also be integrated into Julong's and other existing banking software to improve security and cash data processing.

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Cash Deposit Solution

Reliable cash deposit solutions from Julong provide a safe and efficient way for businesses like retail, wholesale, and commercial banks to handle extremely high cash volumes. Traceable banknote circulation improves business security and your customer’s experiences.

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Equipment Management and Software Solution

Julong's comprehensive equipment and data management platform combines serial number-based banknote circulation and cash processing machine management. We support personalized software solutions to meet all your ideas for the internal management of the bank.

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Optimum Cash Management from Hardware & Software

Julong banknote processing solutions can optimize any banking or business process while minimizing resource expenditures.

Optimization Focused Cash Management Solutions

The design, performance, and functions of our equipment can improve productivity and cut expenses among banks and other businesses.

Trusted by Strong Brands

We have provided many domestic and foreign companies and banks, such as the People's Bank of China, with solutions that meet their business development needs.

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