Cash Processing System

All-in-One Cash Processing System

Through years of experience in providing cash processing solutions, we have designed and manufactured multi-functional intelligent cash processing systems that cover the entire banknote processing, including banknote counting, sorting, binding, data processing, and tracking. With this system, businesses like cash centers that need to handle a large amount of cash every day can significantly improve processing efficiency and reduce labor input.

Our R&D team is capable of developing devices and systems of electrical, mechanical, and data processing to improve the utility and accuracy of our products. Our technical team will also responsibly provides training, maintenance, system upgrades, and other services to support you to maximize the return on our cash processing equipment investment.

Our cash processing systems can have customized design of parameter setting, function, and station layout according to your business model and cash characteristics. Contact us today to get the most suitable system and competitive prices.

Featured Banknote Processing Systems

Cash sorters with flexible configurations for your specific business needs.

Designed for Improving Cash Processing Efficiency & Accuracy

Cash processing systems that have been certified by many banks can meet all your functional and design requirements.

Customizable Design

Seamlessly Integrated with Your Business

We support customizing and assembling our cash handling system according to your actual business situation and site layout. For any large or small scale, our team can take into account both your cash processing efficiency and project budget.

  • Specified Banknote Data
  • Tailored Layout Design
  • Customized System Setting
  • Personalized Appearance
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Keep Our System and Your Business at the Forefront

We operate 4 laboratories in Beijing, Shanghai, Dalian, and Anshan, providing strong support for our hardware and software development. Our R&D team has outstanding achievements in paper money characteristics study, mechanical equipment design, and software development. We will continue to create a smarter and more efficient system for your cash processing business.

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Responsive Technical Support & Services

We promise that all consultation emails will be answered within 24 hours, and our team in overseas offices in Germany, South Africa, India and Saudi Arabia can also provide fast on-site technical services. We attach great importance to the speed and quality of services to reduce unnecessary losses caused by the downtime of cash processing system. Rest assured, working with us can get reliable support.

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