Effective And Integrated Cash Processing Solutions

As the leading cash processing solution manufacturer in China, we provide an assortment of multifunctional equipment for accurate sorting, strapping, binding and counterfeit detection to improve business transactions.

High-Precision Cash Processing Equipment

Our versatile machines ensure safety and efficiency for bank tellers, back office, cash center and other financial institutions.

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    Cash Sorter

    Handling automatic denomination, orientation and fitness sorting, our banknote sorting machines reduce human error, improve business security and confidence.

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Cash Processing Solutions

More Than a Cash Processing Machine Manufacturer

Concerned about currency fraud? Julong offers efficient cash processing machines and software for data management and tracking to increasing business efficiency. With our custom and integrated solutions, banks are protected from criminal activity and secure long-lasting trust from clients.

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Need These Features for Cash Processing? Julong is Your Smart Choice.

Customize our machines according to your desired function to minimize human involvement and increase productivity.

  • Counting, Sorting, and Strapping

    All-in-one automated cash processing capabilities can be configured to save investment in multiple machines.

  • Data Management and Tracking

    Our cash database can record serial numbers and processing data to track banknote circulation and increase security.

  • Proven Technology

    With ECB and other certifications, our cash processing machines fit international standards to secure market trust.

  • Multi-Currency Support

    Our multinational banknote records support all currencies, with a single machine sorts 20 currencies mixed together for better service to clients.

  • Modular and Compact Design

    Easily customized, the accessible modular & compact setup maximize productivity in limited space and save costs of scaling up.

  • Automatic Workflow

    Automated counting, sorting, and strapping reduce labor costs and human errors for increased profit margins.


Lead the Industry, Support Your Cash Processing.

Our engineers have obtained hundreds of patents and designed countless solutions that are trusted by banks like ECB. They are committed to a series of innovations around sensor and electromechanical technology, including banknote sorting, new banknote detection, software, and overall solutions. You can have our technical guarantee for any unique requirements of your program.

Services & Support

Address What You Need, Anytime, Anywhere.

To improve the capabilities of your employees and enhance business productivity, we offer technical advice and services. We respond to your requests within 24 hours.

  • System Upgrade
  • Spare Parts
  • Training
  • Technical Support

Julong’s Mission and Thrust to Excellence

Since 2004, Julong has secured your confidence with smart banknote management solutions, earning CE and European Central Bank (ECB) certifications. We are committed to consistently delivering innovative cash processing machines and create an encouraging working environment for employees to grow.

Supporting Our Clients Worldwide

Our projects with commercial banks and other businesses have garnered greater confidence from global markets.

  • Bank of BarodaFidelity CashMater
  • AI Rajhi BankState Bank of India
  • CITIMy Bucks
  • Sanid BankYES BANK
  • Trade and Development Bank (TDB)The People's Bank Of China

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