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World-class Manufacturing Factories

Providing global markets with accurate cash processing solutions, our factories in Beijing, Shanghai, Dalian and Anshan carry out professional testing and high precision CNC processing for production consistency. Our laboratories are equipped with 120 sets of R&D equipment and a multi-country banknote database to update our machines.

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It's Complicated, But We Do It Meticulously.

  • · Metal Fabrication

    Our metal fabrication team uses advanced machinery to mass produce complex parts and machinery to meet exact measurements. Cold stamping is highly efficient in reducing waste and producing more parts at affordable costs. All parts molded from our workshops follow national and EU export standards for quick distribution.

  • · Mechanical Processing

    Our workforce uses high-end mechanical processing equipment in the precise molding and production of parts such as thick plates, rubber rollers and gears. Tested to meet German DIN standards, our parts are highly functional and rarely require repair, ensuring your high return of investment.

  • · Packaging

    After thorough inspections and tests, all of our machines are shipped with pallets on the outer packaging for added protection. More scanning is done on packaged machines before shipping to ensure that they are all in working order. As we provide the packaging materials, our services reduce your business costs.

  • · Assembling & Commissioning

    Within our assembling and commissioning workshops, we put together the parts correctly to avoid long-term damages. After assembly, we commission our machines and inspect for any issues. From there, we repair defective machines and deliver functional models to ensure long-term use and save on business costs.

  • · Injection Molding

    With 13 sets of fully automatic injection molding machines, our workshops quickly process a large quantity of complete plastic products. Ranging from 125 to 2000 grams, the parts we manufacture are made from strong materials to produce long-lasting machines. \Fully inspecting the plastic parts guarantees product consistency.

Conscientious Workers in Our Workplaces

Every plant with dedicated staff is run for high-performing cash processing machines.

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Quality Control

Consistent Quality In Every Step of Production

  • · Raw Material Inspection

    All of our raw materials are tested for corrosion resistance through our salt spray testing equipment. Using durable materials increases the service life of every part and machine, reducing your maintenance and repair costs.

  • · Inspection of Semi-Finished Products

    We test the performance of metal and plastic parts through electrical inspection, vibration and temperature tests based on GB16999-2010 standards. A thorough review of semi-finished products determines defects to be corrected and ensures optimal performance of our products.

  • · Commissioning

    Our cash processing machines undergo temperature and voltage testing to comply with GB16999-2010 standards and ensure they work under extreme conditions. Simulation and function tests are conducted to avoid defects and increase the efficiency of our cash processing machines

  • · Inspection Before Shipping

    The accuracy rate of our machine’s ability to verify banknotes to meet industry standards and ensure fast distribution. Packaging materials are also checked to ensure that our cash processing machines are protected and prevent delays to delivery time.

Comprehensive Machine Testing

With fully-equipped high-end inspection facilities, our factory can carry out multiple tests at every level to guarantee the functionality and durability of our machines.

Equipment Gallery

We invested in high-end equipment to manufacture precision cash processing machines with consistent quality.

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