Cash Center Solution

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Cash processing centers generally handle a high volume of banknotes from branches and other businesses like supermarkets on a regular basis. The constant management of cash requires these facilities efficient and reliable cash sorting and processing equipment to help sort and filter the money at a fast pace.

Julong addresses this demand by providing clients with accurate and efficient cash sorting machines and software. With customizable features like precise amount counting, denomination sorting, and serial number detection, our equipment is ready to tackle whatever task is needed.

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Cash Center Solution

Making counting, transfer, and payment of banknotes between facilities easier and faster, Julong takes pride in providing clients with a well-rounded set of intelligent cash sorting and binding machines and software.

Automatic Sorting and Reconciliation

Working at an average of 280,000 notes a day per station, our standard cash processing machines deliver exact results at a quick and steady pace, supporting up-to-20 multiple cash sorting at the same time. Our custom equipment can also sort coins as you need. Cash centers can easily and precisely handle large amounts of cash from branches TCRs, ATMs, and supermarkets by our integrated solutions. Based on that, efficient and accurate daily reconciliation can be guaranteed.

Accurate Global Currency Identification

Our R&D team always keeps ahead to study the characteristics of the latest currencies published around the world to support your regional and global business. Whether it is the most widely circulated currency in the world, we have all its features recorded and regularly maintained our database to ensure the accuracy of our sorting results. With currency-detecting sensors in our equipment, our integrated system is able to read all currencies with no errors while filtering through the notes.

Julong-Developed Software for Data Management

Our cash sorting equipment comes with a highly-functional data management and tracking software. Linking to Julong’s banking system, the equipment can transfer pertinent data to our proprietary software for storage and management. Get serial numbers of cash, review daily and monthly output, convert into data of bundles of cash, track real-time data via consistent information from our software and printed barcode.

Modular Layout

A modular layout is implemented with our equipment, making our cash sorting machines fit cash centers of any size. By providing our team with the layout of the office space that will use the equipment, along with processing capabilities and the number of employees, we can adjust the setup to adapt to the location with ease. As the business expands, cash centers can maximize the size of the capacity at minimal cost by adding our flexible and up-to-date cash processing equipment.

Technical Support

Whether you require on-site or remote technical support, our team is ready to provide you with amazing aftersales assistance. From commission to installation, and even with maintenance and equipment upgrading, our support team will provide the required help within 24 of request. System upgrades are also provided whenever available, ensuring the equipment is up to date.


Customize a Solution Fitting to Your Business

Julong understands that not all cash centers and facilities face the same challenges, so we work with our clients to provide customized solutions to each request by retrieving pertinent information including:

  • Site Layout
  • Processing Capacity
  • Desired Functions
  • Staffing Plan
  • Business Hours
  • Budget

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