Cash Processing Machines

Efficient Banknote Processing Equipment

Julong can streamline cash processing with our precision machines. Our cash processing equipment sorts and counts banknotes with reliable accuracy and speed as well as strapping machines to create bundles of notes in a short time. With our first-rate R&D experience, well-equipped manufacturing machines and thorough quality inspection tests, the European Central Bank approves of our top-grade banknote processing solutions.

Our efficient banknote processing machines can enhance the productivity of any financial or other institutions with a large cash flow because of Julong products’ top-grade performance. We also offer a comprehensive after-sales service on all of our cash sorters and strapping equipment. Contact our sales team today!

Cash Sorter

We offer cash sorters that separate different banknote denominations, count the number of notes, and detect any counterfeits within a short time. The process significantly reduces the workload of workers, allowing them to focus on other tasks such as optimizing customer experience.

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Cash Processing System

Julong has developed all-in-one cash processing systems coming with precision cash sorting, counting, strapping, and data management for completely equipped in banks and other workplaces. Our cash processing systems are also customizable and flexible in function and layout design.

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Cash Strapping Machine

Our cash strapping equipment group banknotes into manageable bundles while printing data on the film with barcodes and other info for tracking purposes. Julong’s machines make it easy for banks and businesses to handle and organize substantial amounts of paper cash.

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Integrated Cash Processing Solutions

Julong provides an all-in-one function for managing banknotes such as banknote sorters, data software, cash strapping machines, and more. We also offer tailor-made solutions based on a bank or business site layout, required functions, staffing, schedule, and other critical factors.

Our customized cash processing equipment solutions let owners or distributors meet any requirements banks and retail businesses need to improve operations’ speed and efficiency. Receive a free consultation from our sales team today!

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