JL112 Automated Banknote Strapping Machine

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JL112 Automated Banknote Strapping Machine

With its outstanding capability, JL112 Fully Automatic Banknote Strapping Machine brings more benefits to your business process as it enables you to:

Increase productivity with advanced technology which allows our users to complete their work faster and more efficient.

Enhanced service quality with tightly and neatly strapped banknotes.

Reduce operational cost and provide product of equivalent quality.


  • Advanced technology
  • Easy to Use and Operate
  • RoHS 2
  • CE 2

Technical Specification

Strapping Speed: 3.5 seconds per strap
Tape Width: 12mm
Temperature: 10℃-40℃
Power Supply 220V±10% 50Hz
Power Consumption 100W
Dimensions: 580mm (W) x 370mm (D) x 425mm (H)
Weight: 22kg
Certification: RoHS CE

Remarkable Features of Our Products

All-in-one cash processing equipment increases your ROI.

Custom Configurations for Your Real Needs

From the beginning of the consultation, we will have a detailed understanding of the site layout and staffing. We provide 4 configurations and custom solutions according to the actual application scenario to meet the workflow and requirements. We are dedicated to helping maximize cash processing efficiency.


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